About Us

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Christy with her husband Mark and children Emma Grace and Tommy

  Jenny with her daughter Caroline Grace

Christy and Jenny are co-owners of penny-bear printing

Jenny and Christy both grew up in  Maryland.  They've been friends since they were babies, as their moms are friends, as well.  Christy,  Jenny and their families are still living in the Washington D. C. area.  

In addition to loving to spend time with their friends and families, Christy and Jenny both have always had an interest stationery, but were frustrated when they had a hard time finding cute, simple stationery for themselves and their kids.  When Christy gave Jenny some note cards for Christmas, not knowing that Jenny had done the same thing for her, they realized that they were on to something, and started to discuss sharing their ideas with others.  One evening, during one such conversation, as they were trying to brainstorm a name for their company, Jenny's husband came up with the idea of combining their two childhood names - Jenny was called "Jenny-Penny" by her family, and Christy was known as "Bear."  penny-bear printing was born!

Our Goals

At penny-bear printing, we strive to create stationery that not only pleases our clients, but impresses their recipients.  We hope that you will be so happy with your purchase that you return often and spread the word to your friends!