All designs can be applied to each type of stationery, in a variety of layouts.  Some can even be personalized with an initial for added effect.  Check back often, as we will be adding new designs regularly.   We hope you can find just the right style you're looking for!

****We assure you that all images print out crisp and clear on paper.****

All of our designs are hand drawn and are original artwork of penny-bear printing.

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*Stationery ordered with the totebag can be personalized
with one initial on the bag! *
  bag9sample.JPG  bag8sample.JPG  bag7sample.JPG
   navy tote           hot pink tote                 peri tote  

 bag6sample.JPG            bag3editedsample.JPG            lightbluesample.jpg

                light pink tote               green tote               light blue tote             


*Stationery ordered with  a dress can be personalized with
one initial in the center of the dress!!!*

pinkdressample.JPG  lilacdress2sample.JPG  bluereddress2sample.JPG    greenpinkdresssample.JPG
      pink dress                   purple dress           navy/red dress          green/pink dress
bluereddresssample.JPG   blueredshortssample.JPG
   anchor dress          anchor shortall

         sampletutu.jpg                      tutucarenpinksample.jpg

Christening Gown



weddinggown4sample.jpg        weddinggown1pinksashsample.jpg
ringsample.jpg            martinibachelorettepink2sample.jpg


Baby Stuff...

sweetpeaneutralsample.jpgsweetpeagirl5sample.jpgbluepeopodsample.jpg     sweetpeaneutralbluenewsample.jpg

yellow peapod                        pink peapod                      blue peapod

bluegreenbubblesample.jpg                    yellowbubblesample.jpg    
                         lightpinkbubblesample.jpg                 greenbluebubblesample.jpg


Sports Images

       golfbagandholesample.jpg         golfbagandholecoloredsample.jpg

Gift Boxes

pinkgiftsample.JPG         greengiftsample.JPG       browngiftsample.JPG
 pink/green gift box         green/peri gift box        brown/pink gift box

Trucks and Cars

dumptruck-redsample.jpg             trashtruck.jpg             dumptruck2.jpg
red truck                           trash truck                            dump-truck

redcarsample.jpg                 bluecarsample1.jpg

red car                                  blue car

Cupcakes and Ice Cream

cupcakewhitesample.JPG                cupcakepinksample.JPG              cupcakechocolatwhitesample.JPG
            white/pink cake                      pink/red cake              white/pink chocolate cake

cupcakechocolatepinksample.JPG                    cupcakechocolatebluesample.JPG                     cupcakebluegreensample.JPG
     pink/red chocolate cake               white/blue chocolate cake      blue/green cake

icecreamconepink2.jpg       icecreamconechocalate2.jpg
          pink ice cream cone      chocolate ice cream cone

Critters, Crabs, Whales, and Fish

redladybugsample.JPG  purpledragonflysample.JPG
   ladybug           purple dragonfly

bluecrab1sample.JPG  pinkcrabsample.JPG  redcrab1sample.JPG
blue crab                     pink crab                  red crab

whalepinksample.JPG  whalebluesample.JPG  whalegreensample.JPG
            pink whale                  blue whale                   green whale

goldfishsample.JPG  goldfishfilledsample.JPG
  goldfish outline          goldfish colored

Other fun animals....

octopuspurple2.jpg     octopuspink2.jpg  octopusblue2.jpg

purple octopus            pink octopus            blue octopus

alligatorgreen2.jpg             monkey2.jpg          sheep2.jpg
alligator                            monkey                             sheep

dinosample.jpgbee3.JPG flamingopink.JPG
dinosaur                               bee                                 flamingo


Flip-flops and Fancy Footwear

*Flip-flops are printed in pairs - we just put one of each on here so that you can get an idea...*

flipflopwhitepinkpolkadotsample.JPG flipflopredbluepolkadotsample.JPG  flipflopjaquapinkpolkadotsample.JPG
highheel_-_redsample.JPG  highheel_-_blacksample.JPG

Flowers and Such...


hydrangeabunchsample.JPG     hyacinthsample.JPG     redblueflowersample.JPG

*****more designs coming soon****

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